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Anonymous asked:

Any tips on how to not care about people that don't give a shit about you?


I get this question quite a bit actually.. I just never know how to explain how I do it properly because for me its just like flipping a switch. I’m all or nothing…if I decide I care about you then I care about you 1000%…but if they don’t give a shit/something happens to destroy that then there is absolutely nothing there….seriously they could be shot in front of my face and I wouldn’t give a fuck. its all or nothing…I don’t have time to deal with bullshit in-betweens. why should you? why would you care about someone who doesn’t care about you? this doesn’t serve you any purpose in your life so move on and leave them in the dust. people come and go in life, let them. 

ps- the only times “the switch” doesn’t apply is with people I’ve known my entire life or the people I actually have LOVEDloved (best friends, first love, some family) because I will love them forever even if it means they aren’t part of my life anymore. still though I accept that they aren’t in my life for important reasons. 

my tips on how to not care about someone is to just stop caring lol. its simple, just stop. you start thinking about them then distract yourself or push it out of your mind. tell yourself “fuck that” and push it away. 

I wish I could give you more tips but its something that I’ve always been able to do easily. 

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